9 Hot Tips to Improve Preliminaries

Especially for women, foreplay is not just a step that precedes sex but is also an essential part of making the act pleasurable.

If both sides are equally pleased, preliminaries have the power to create the ideal climate for the moment and still strengthen the harmony between you and the person accompanying you.

Preliminaries are ideas for exploring and even understanding what stimulates your different erogenous zones, which are the most susceptible points to excite and give pleasure to the body.

If you want to enjoy a breathtaking preliminary, just follow the 9 practical tips below. Do not forget to pass on the advice to your partner to keep in tune with each other and double the pleasure of the moment!

Create a climate for the moment

supreme boostr ingredients For some, the environment does not matter when it comes to sex, but the truth is that a lot of people are encouraged by the mood of the place where they are with their partner.

So try to pay a little more attention to the weather. In fact, you can start building it even before sex, talking to your partner to maintain the mood of anticipation and anticipation.

Also, invest in objects that make you feel more comfortable. From soft sheets and candles to a song that fits in with the moment, use whatever it takes to create an environment that relaxes and excites you and your love.

Think about who is with you.

The truth is that the great secret to a pleasurable sex is to be in connection with who is with you. Listen, talk and really interact with your partner so you can get in the same mood.

It is essential that you not only think of yourself or just seek to fulfill your desires. Sex is two, that is, both have to be reciprocated and returned so that everything works out well.

Pay attention to your partner’s reactions to your touches and attitudes, find out what pleases you, and also understand how you can feel pleasure in seeing him feel good.

Relax with a massage

Especially with partners you have known for a short time, there is often a tension between the couple, and it can disrupt the preliminaries and even the sex itself.

In addition, the rush and the routine end up stealing our serenity and accompanying us even in these moments.

There is no better way to relax than with a massage! In addition, the gesture can become sensual very easily, which already helps to create the mood and action.

Jokes to get out of the rut

Who wants to spice up things between four walls always bet on a little game. It may sound cliché, but the technique works and it’s extremely fun!

Look for a joke that matches your tastes and also your partner’s preferences. If you have any questions, there is nothing better than sitting down and talking about it in the most natural way possible.

The more you know your body and communicate what gives pleasure to your partner, the chances are that it will find more easily what excites you.

Kissing is also part of

Some people think that kissing is just the doorway to sex, but the truth is that it must be present at all times, especially in foreplay.

supreme boostr price Caring keeps you close to your love all the time, and adapts to the weather with ease. As the weather warms up, it is possible to notice that the kisses become more intense and increase the excitement even more at the moment.

Provocation in the right dose

A little provocation is essential to warm the climate as it is responsible for raising expectations and anticipating the main event.

For example, do not take off all the clothes at once without even making a charm. Remove one piece at a time, developing a mood of mystery about the clothes that remain and what they cover.

Everything starts in masturbation

Female masturbation is still a taboo in society, however, you need to deconstruct this idea and start to explore and get to know your body better, especially to find out what excites you and gives you pleasure in foreplay.

In the case of masturbating your partner, find out what makes you feel good by observing his reactions to his touches and stimuli.

In addition to exploring different ways to excite during preliminaries, also seek to talk to your partner to understand what is exciting for him.

Watch out for oral sex

Oral sex is probably one of the most anticipated moments of the preliminaries. However, care must be taken not to end all the fun before it even begins.

For women, oral sex is one of the main sources of orgasms, so the partner needs to pay close attention to women’s reactions and preferences so that she can enjoy the best the experience can offer.

Also, do not be afraid to guide your partner and give him the necessary instructions to give you pleasure and harmonize the weather. Break this taboo in your relationship and bring the conversation to bed!

When is the time to move on?

Although the preliminaries are pleasurable, you need to know the ideal time to take the next step and enjoy the pleasurable sex that has been prepared.

There is no specific deadline for the duration of the preliminaries, everything varies from couple to couple. Some prefer quick preliminaries to go the distance, while others like to take the time they need to create the ideal climate.

Be that as it may, the preliminaries can not be considered just as the preparation for sex, since they are the ones who kick the act out and even give an idea of how the couple fit in.

Apply these tips in your relationship and share your experiences and opinions in the comments, we want to know what you have to say!

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