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Few women know what a vaginal pump is. Was it a toy, an accessory for female pleasure? We can say yes, but the functions go far beyond these.

If you already know and want to know more, or if you have no idea what that is, read this article and find out everything about this “stimulator”.

Questions and answers about the vaginal pump

So, what is a vaginal pump?

Male Extra Male Enhancement‘s a pretty simple concept, actually. This object is a cup / cup device, designed to create suction through a manual or automatic pump.

The pumping action creates air pressure and ignites the vulva and clitoris. It is a type of sex toy for women that increases sensitivity and excitement.

Why should women use a vaginal pump?

As the pump works to increase sensitivity, drawing blood into the area, making the stimulation extremely pleasurable. For that reason alone, a vaginal pump can be a great choice for women who are not easily aroused.

This sensitivity during and after pumping is one of the main reasons why this type of “toy” is so popular. The other reason is the aesthetic appeal of a pumped vulva.

Many women pump to create the look of a plump, fluffy vagina like those seen in porn movies. However, it should be borne in mind that this can not always be achieved because different bodies will have different results.

How will the woman feel?

The first puffs will be awesome! That’s when she will feel more suction on her clit, it will harden and she will feel it swelling. This can be extremely enjoyable and enjoyable, also really exciting.

For many, this sensation will suffice to do so and will not require many other movements with the vaginal pump. However, the more you progress through the suction, the more intense the sensation.

Fortunately for some lucky, this procedure can lead to orgasm without any additional stimulation. You just need to make sure that you will not become uncomfortable and sore later.

There are also products available that come with special features to add a touch to more pleasure. You can find a vibrating pump that will provide the excitation of the suction along with that of the vibrator.

How to make the right choice for the vaginal pump?

Adjustment is extremely important when it comes to a vaginal pump. If the vaginal pump cup does not fit properly, then the main feeling to experience is the discomfort. Then comes the pain and probably the disappointment.

To find the right fit, you need to measure from the top of the clitoral axis, where the fatty piece of the pubic hill begins, to the perineum, just below the vaginal entrance.

Chances are you will not find an exact glass, but the idea is to find something that comes as close as possible.

And when the vaginal pump is too big?

Male Extra A very large cup will also completely or partially cover the anus. This means that every time you pump, it will also suck the sensitive and delicate skin of that area, which can hurt a lot.

Unfortunately, most of the sucking and pulling will occur in this area, which will make the woman be forced to stop pumping earlier. In general, most cups do not bend enough to allow it to be placed high enough on its mound to create an airtight sensation if the vaginal pump is too large.

And when the vaginal pump is too small?

In this case, although the cup may fit well and sit comfortably in the correct area, it usually fills with only 2 or more suctions. This means that the sensation may not be enough for total satisfaction.

How to make the movements better?

It’s a good idea to wax the area where the cup will look, as this will help create a better seal. Spilling a little lubricant around the edge of the pump and the area of ​​skin against which the pump will lean will also help to increase the strength of the seal.

You have to be patient because it can be very difficult to get an “airtight seal,” especially the first time. Try lying down on your back with your legs open and the top of the cup resting on your pubic heap. The bottom of the cup should cover the vaginal entrance and rest somewhere on the perineum.

Once the glass is in place, apply a little pressure. Gently push it into the skin and tighten the pump, then release it gently.

If positioned correctly, you will notice your lips and clitoris being sucked into the glass. If a suction is not formed, move the cup a little or shake it, trying to run the process again.

And do not forget…

The suction effect is felt more intensely during bulb release, not during tightening. It is important to remember that releasing it too fast will cause the air to be sucked out of the glass very quickly.

This will also cause the vulva to be sucked into the cup, and if the woman is already feeling close to the limit, it can cause pain. On the other hand, squeezing the bulb too slowly may also cause the seal to stop and the glass to fall.

The golden rule of pumping is “Squeeze fast, Slow down!”

Remember to take it slow. Pumping is much more intense than sucking with the mouth. In addition, the mouths are soft, while the rim of the beaker is stiff and may appear firm or hard against the skin.

If you’re doing it for the visual, try not to be guided strictly by the porn industry. The extremely swollen vagina, so common in pornography, is not easy to get. It is also unlikely that someone reaches orgasm feeling any pain.

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